Burkholder Design Collaborative was established with the core belief that high-quality design in the built environment should be easily accessible to all. Our full-service Architecture and Design firm specializes in commercial and residential projects, always striving for excellence in every opportunity presented to us. Our approach is grounded in a thorough comprehension of each client’s unique requirements, allowing us to understand, endorse, and even contribute to the vision of a superior project. As the design of our physical surroundings has a significant impact on our culture, our commitment to maintaining a certain level of design standard forms the foundation of all our endeavors.

Each project we undertake begins with a conceptual problem, namely, how can we create a space, building, or lot that meets our clients’ specific requirements? We employ a design process that involves multiple stakeholders working together to arrive at the best possible solution. It is the collaboration between the architect and client that makes every project gratifying, with the end result being a beautiful product that all stakeholders can take pride in.

Our mission is to be the Leaders in designing comfortable, durable, and energy-efficient buildings.
We do this while giving exceptional design experience to our clients by leading in collaboration and communication.




Feel good in your space without constantly adjusting the thermostat. Burkholder Design Collaborative incorporates Passive House design principles that make buildings that are comfortable by design: quiet, draft free, and evenly warm. Unlike conventional buildings that rely heavily on the mechanical equipment, Passive buildings deliver comfort through their very construction. Superinsulation and airtight construction means you’re always comfortable, no matter the weather outside. It’s in the details!


Remember the old saying, “buildings need to breathe”? Turns out buildings don’t need to breathe, people do. The old way of building assemblies with lots of air leaks, clad them well, put on a good roof, and blast the building with heat through the winter and let them dry out in the summer wasted a lot of energy, was uncomfortable, and led to poor indoor air quality. It also created a moist environment for rot to form. Burkholder Design Collaborative buildings are designed to stand the test of time. Thanks to robust building exteriors and lack of condensation-causing thermal bridges, your building will be more durable and require less maintenance than conventional buildings.


No other approach to building energy-efficiency produces the dramatic energy savings that the Passive House approach does. These savings are great for building occupants and their energy budgets, and extremely helpful for an energy grid that is transitioning to more intermittent clean energy. Your building(s) will achieve up to 90% reductions in heating energy use compared to conventional buildings, and similar reductions in cooling energy. When combined with day lighting, heat pumps for HVAC and domestic hot water, and superefficient appliances and fixtures, total energy use in your high-performance buildings can readily hit 75% less than that of conventional buildings.


Create a design that is guaranteed to attract for your office building, interior space, retail building, mixed-use development, or restaurant.

Bring your vision of a dream home to life with captivating curb appeal that you have always envisioned. Both the interior and exterior will create a homely ambiance.

Enhance the interior of your space to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and functional environment.

With our assistance, plan the layout of your site to combine both efficiency and interest. A captivating project always starts with a compelling blueprint.

Our drafting services can provide you with permit and construction-level documents that capture every plan and detail, enabling you to bring your project to life.

By having the architect on-site, your project can progress precisely as specified. Meticulous attention to craftsmanship will distinguish your project from others.


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