Burkholder Design Collaborative, LLC designs and manages construction for your building needs. We specialize in high performance, energy efficient buildings and are the first and only PASSIVE HOUSE certified architects in Southwest Missouri. At BdC we strive to facilitate an atmosphere that is hospitable and collaborative. Our number one goal is to bring our clients a sense of belonging and joy that will carry them further than their project end date. We execute this by listening to our teammates in what they want and need for their project. We then come together in a collaborative approach to educate, design and facilitate their hopes and dreams for their future. Throughout the project we want our clients to feel organized, included, and at peace with the process. When we get to the end of their project we hope that they not only have a beautiful efficient building to live, work or play in, but that they have a joyful experience that they will get to share for the rest of their lives.


Burkholder Design Collaborative, LLC designs, manages construction for all building needs. We specialize in high-performance buildings by bringing a hospitable and collaborative approach to clients who want to create their future with a piece of mind.