The BBFI Missions Center project is a multifaceted development located on a 30-acre lot in west Springfield, Mo. The project includes the construction of a 13,273 square foot office building, a 5,632 square foot community center, a 3,188 square foot short-term living housing facility, and two (2) 9,786 square feet of long-term housing units with a mix of single and two-bedroom apartments.

The goal of the BBFI Missions Center project is to provide a comprehensive hub for missions work and outreach, with facilities for offices, meetings, and events, as well as short-housing for missions teams and indivuals and long-term housing for missionaries retiring, giving everything they have to the mission.

The project has been designed to maximize efficiency and functionality, while also incorporating sustainable design principles and materials. The community center and housing facilities will be designed to foster a sense of community and support for those who are participating in mission work.

Overall, the BBFI Missions Center project aims to create a dynamic and supportive environment for those who are dedicated to serving others and making a positive impact in their communities.